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Connectd India - India's First Ever All-In-One Social Platfrom

As You know Corona is indeed a one nasty battle that we all are fighting right now. But do you've any idea about a day-to-day battle that we've been fighting for so long without the realization that we are? Yes, I'm talking about the current Indian social media battle. Do you have any idea how many problems are there in the current solutions? Sir/Ma'am, the way we Indians live our lives and the way we Indians socialize have a huge difference in them. And we identified the loopholes in current social media and saw a huge market spot along with helping India to be Socially Independent. Back in time, we conducted a random survey within DU students asking them about the social platforms they use and the problems they face. The survey got over 52,000 responses along with highlighting some crazy yet very needy problems that exist today. After getting those responses we started brainstorming on these problems and end up coming to a solution with the help of a small feedback loop and trial-error strategy. Later, after building the solutions we put them on the market for a survey once again. This survey received over 48,000 responses and the results were phenomenal. After this, we took the pledge to help you get what you deserve

Inshort, We are a team of individuals who are sworn & dedicated to make India Socially Independent. We've built our business choosing people first, going big on services, deep on technology and all-in on solutions. Your existing and positive survey results formed us and our idea, that is why- "You are Us, & We are You

Connectd India


As young citizens of India, armed with technology and love for our nation, We've taken the mission to provide you with the features you desire & the privacy you deserve. We realize, it is also our duty to not only get Indians what they deserve but to also make India Socially Independent !
That is what we are Doing & that's what we'll Do!




At Connectd, we believe in taking the human race forward, we believe in thinking differently. We plan to do this by helping you save your time and manage your social life more efficiently & privately. We are developing the India's first-ever all-in-one social platform without the problems that exists in the platforms today. We happen to call it CONNECTD INDIA. Let's Socialize Differently. !

Our Product

The product that we are building provides solution to various problems that people face today. Some of the top problems that we solved are:-

  • No people connection separation problem
  • Un-organized WhatsApp / People using Multiple WhatsApp problem
  • Not able to find a match problem
  • Youth have to block their relatives/ex/bf/cousins/etc. on social media problem
  • Creating & Managing Multiple accounts problem
  • Not getting enough privacy problem
  • The un-talked mental health problem
  • Companies not finding the right candidate with not just the skills but other qualities problem
  • No dedicated guaranteed friend match problem
  • External photo & text edit problem
  • New pages not able to grow problem
  • Not Finding page through interests problem