Anonymous Counseling

Over the years, social media apps have added a lot of user centric features to add value to users' day to day life. These features mostly relate to the type of posts that you can upload on these channels. However, there is one such feature that no channel ever thought of providing. That specific feature is that of anonymous counseling, although very high in demand, it is rarely available on a social media platform.

Connectd India realised the need of such a service, and went ahead with their plans of providing counseling facilities through their in-house trained panel of psychiatrists and counselors. Counselors can handle  questions on almost every topic under the sky. For instance, if you are facing exam related stress, or lost your IT job post corona, or had a nasty breakup with your partner, or currently going through bout of depression or mental issues, this your go-to app.

It doesn't matter when you call us, because our counseling services are available around the clock 24x7x365. We firmly believe that help should be forthcoming when it's sought for. When you call us for help, we immediately connect you to the right counselor without wasting any further time because we empathize with your issues, and state of mind. Our objective is to provide you an instant relief.

The professional counselor is usually an expert in his chosen field with a long experience of dealing such cases. He would initiate the conversation by asking 5 questions concerning your current state of mind, your specific situation, your most preferred time for counseling, your gender and age to get a broad understanding of your persona and your existing problem. We know counseling in such cases are sensitive issues that you would like to keep private. For this reason, we keep the entire process of counseling  anonymous.

To facilitate this, we give you an option to select an imaginary name for yourself by which you would like to be addressed by the professional counselor. You can also choose a convenient name for your counselor by which you would like to address him. This virtually gives you a sense of control over entire counseling session. It's you who is in control while we only remain the provider.

Depending upon the type of plan you select, the counseling services will be initially free of cost, but as you engage more, it will eventually become chargeable. If you wish your voice to be anonymous, we can change the tone, texture, and pitch of your voice by using inbuilt softwares. For example, while you are busy talking to your counselor, he or she won’t be able to hear your real voice. The idea behind this particular feature is to give you complete assurance about keeping your identity secret, and encourage you to communicate freely with your counselor. We intend to make your counseling sessions as comfortable, friendly, and productive as possible. Our objective is to help you get rid of your current problems that is troubling you.