Get Your Guaranteed Match

CoNnEcTd India not only serves as social media app, but also as matchmaking and a dating app. Once you become familiar with this beautiful app, other popular dating platforms like Tinder or OKCupid don’t attract you. It’s simple - what you get on this app, you don't get elsewhere. You get a guaranteed match that is not only based on your physical appearance, but also on your compatibility factor. Such matches play a crucial role in cementing a lifelong relationship, unlike Tinder, or any other dating app that only provides dates without any value addition.

It’s true that God makes matches in heaven, but then you need someone to make that possible for you. Connectd India does that by bringing the perfect match for you. When we talk of matchmaking and dating apps, there are many options in the market such as OkCupid, Tinder, tantan, QuackQuack, Happn, and Woo. Usually, a matchmaking app helps people find love and long-term relationships through their networks. They maintain a good database of people and use professional connections to help you find a partner.

In the earlier days, there were no digital medium for people to engage with each other, and they normally met through friends or families, but social media channels have changed the ground rules. Human relations have become simpler and nuanced. The popularity of mobile phones has increased the reach of mobile apps. Now, thousands of apps are available on Google Playstore that makes our lives comfortable. There are millions of users who downloaded these apps. Matchmaking and dating is not the same with innovative apps that have revolutionized the whole matchmaking process. You will hardly find someone who hasn’t tried such apps to connect with new people.

Yet, for the majority of people, despite being present on various online dating apps, it’s still a challenging job to find an ideal match. They haven't found their ideal partner they were looking for. The fact remains that most apps have only basic features with obsolete matching algorithms that is not in sync with the current needs of people. What most users need is a basic app with preference-based matching computations and unique features. This is where Connectd India has an edge over competitors.

The objective of our dating app is to find the perfect match for you. It is observed that generally Indian users have a tough time on dating site like Tinder to find their desired matches. Usually, they fail to find a match, or if they do, the experience is quite awful. Connectd India creates a 3D profile of users unlike other dating apps, and this hugely improves your chances of getting a compatible match. We not only give you a guaranteed match, but also ensure that such matches go much beyond your physical compatibility factor. We take your nature, hobby, and mindset into consideration. Because we truly believe that such matches last longer than the matches that is made just for the sake of it.

Our matchmaking feature is not only about dating, but also about finding a friend; you might have been looking for some time, but haven't found a one. Nowadays, in spite of multiple Social Media platforms at our disposal, we are lonelier than ever before. We empathize with you by discovering the most suitable partner for your lonely heart who has the potential to become not just a friend, but also a philosopher, guide, and a soul mate.

We provide personalized matchmaking experiences with an objective of finding your perfect match. But before suggesting your ideal partner, we conduct background checks, face to face interviews, and personality assessment tests. These are just starters of our well established process that connects you with safe, desirable, and compatible singles.

Our matching procedure isn’t limited to your potential partner’s personality, but also to their job and education data, so that you can pick people who have similar educational backgrounds like yours. You can’t expect for a more ideal situation because while no app can predict the success of long-term relationships, it can definitely help you meet more people. There are many aspects about compatibility that even best of the psychologists can't answer; because people are essentially not good at rating these kinds of things. In spite of all these constraints, Connectd India ensures that those who board this app get a fabulous experience and have a productive matchmaking journey.