Privacy is Essential for Social Media

We are CoNnEcTd India, a social lifestyle platform that combines features of popular social channels such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Tinder at one place, but without the glitches, you usually find on these platforms. The question might be cropping up in your mind why a brand new Social Media application when there are already too many. But the fact remains that of late, there is a huge frustration growing among users especially with the widely popular channels like Instagram. Despite their popularity, they are afflicted with shoddy algorithm, and issues of recent data leakages on Facebook are also making users jittery.

Connectd India is not your ordinary app. It’s a dynamic and the most versatile social media app that you can think of. It was developed with a view that needs of Indian youth is quite unique. Now coming to Privacy on social media, it’s something everyone talks about; few actually understand and are rarely it’s provided.

Connectd India is an exception in the sense that it gives what users demand. We are aware social media channels are double edged swords that can become powerful tools in the wrong hands. Since last few years, the privacy of users' data, and the frequent leakages of sensitive information on the internet have increasingly gained prominence, and have become a hot topic of discussion in public debates. One such incident that shook the entire digital world was the infamous Cambridge Analytica scandal of 2018.

In reality, social media channels such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Tumblr have become user's virtual digital billboards on the internet. People widely use these mediums to share their pictures, views, reviews and almost everything that may be happening in their lives.

Although, most social channels ensure the privacy and security of users' data by using tools of the highest quality. Connectd India goes an extra mile to maintain users' privacy and keep them safe. To assure users on issues of privacy and security of data, it has signed an agreement with the Government of India that prohibits them from sharing data with a third party. However, onus also lies on you to be fully updated on the latest information related to protect your online privacy.