Get Your Guaranteed Match

Tell us what you think of when we introduce you with the newest and the most dynamic social channel. You must be wondering why another social channel when we already have too many. With big and established players like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter why would anyone need another channel, and that too a new one in the first place.

Well! The proof of pudding is in the eating. Similarly, why Connected India is special lies in its features. It's true that currently social media market is monopolized by the big channels. So, what you get on the Facebook, you don't get on the Instagram, and what Instagram offers you as user, Twitter can't. They are essentially different channels catering to different needs of users.

If you are thinking of expanding your network, making friends, posting interesting stories, or to just connect with your old pals, Facebook is your go to app. While if you are more into pictures, posting your latest fitness videos, or that perfect photograph of that impromptu recipe you fixed last night in a flat 15 minutes, Instagram is your most ideal channel. In the same way, Twitter is all about speed and getting feedback on anything and everything in the real time.

Now coming back to this dynamic channel, as the name suggests it not only connected India, it has also combined the best features of all the leading channels at one place. Therefore, once you have an user's account on this one in all dynamic app, the very need of maintaining multiple social media accounts is removed altogether. This is true empowerment.

The one channel serves all your needs - be it making friends, posting texts, audios, short videos, and guess what: finding dating partners too. Yes Sir! You heard me right. Once you board in this app, just forget about all the leading dating apps like Tinder, Wow, and Bumble because most of them though talk about finding the match, never manage one.

This social media app is different. It walks its talk, and most importantly it gives you a guaranteed match. So, what are you getting here folks? Friends, professional connections, followers, there is one thing more, and that is something no social channel ever thought of giving it.

In fact, for the current generation of youth, their biggest need besides being meaningfully interacting with their friends and peer groups is how to maintain their sanity and mental wellbeing especially when life is so stressful post pandemic. They need professional counseling, and that is what this channel provides them around the clock with the best psychiatrists and counselors in the business who are forever prepared to help you in whatever problems you may have been facing. It can be anything from a lost job, failed business, sudden casualty in the family or the lost love. The list is just expanding but help is instantaneous.

All this and more makes connected a truly futuristic social media app. It won't be an exaggeration that from now on every social app will follow the template set by this innovative app. But while others may be the copycats, this will always be the original.