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To say that social media has become an important part of our daily life is an understatement. It has gone much beyond that. In reality, every activity of ours - engagement with friends and family members, looking for a new job, to purchase that latest IPhone or the Galaxy Notebook, watching the latest Hollywood flick, mobile banking, paying our taxes, booking the flight ticket, or even purchasing groceries are done with the help of social media.

We look for the discounts and promotional offers on the Facebook and Instagram instead of a newspaper or TV channel. And when it comes to checking the quality of a product or the services of a company, again our go to channel is social media. We look for reviews and feedback that past users post on multiple platforms. These reviews play a deciding role in our purchases instead of what a brand claims in their promotional advertisements or what the company salesmen tell us. We are now living a virtual social media lifestyle where every crucial decision is made on our perception that is developed by our frequent use of social media apps.

Our life is not the same since social media made an entry and became an indelible part of our existence. The scope and reach of this medium is phenomenal. Something that began as a tool to get in touch with our school friends with whom we lost contact has now come to control our lives. We cannot think about our existence without this amazing tool.

It all started with Facebook followed by Twitter, and then Instagram, and Snapchat, Whatsapp, Telegram, Connectd India, TakaTak, and Helo. It's a never ending list, and everyday some new names are added.

More often than not, it is social media that decides what kind of life partner we should have because after arrival of matchmaking websites like and on the scene, the conventional methods of finding your life partner has become out of fashion. Moreover, dating sites have also changed the way couples used to engage. For someone who is a big fan of social media lifestyle, everything needs to happen in quick time. They don't like to wait, because speed is the new mantra and not the patience. The way they interact with friends and colleagues has changed. Their eating habits is not what it was earlier - the healthy stuff has gone out of their plates

Now they find solace in comfort food such as pizza, pasta, macaroni, hamburger, pastry, coke, and soda. Their icons and idols have changed. They don't look for homegrown artistes anymore. They have become global in every sense, and celebrities whom they follow are all based in overseas.

The social media has completely blown us by giving us a new identity that is every inch virtual and not real. We look for validation not in the real life but on the social media channels and are often more excited by the likes and comments that we receive than the accolades, and words of appreciation spoken by our loved ones in the real life. And only time will tell us if that was good or bad.