Get Your Guaranteed Match

You thought falling in love happens by chance and only a chosen few get that beautiful gift ? What if we tell you that someone can make that possible for you. Well! You think we are joking. Actually, we were never more serious. Connected India, the most versatile and dynamic social media app, does precisely that for you.

You often hear in fairy tales that we all have soulmates, but then you need to be more than lucky to meet that person on your own. For those, who are yet to find their soulmates, we have an effective plan in place. Singles worldwide have been looking for a dating partner much before man landed on the moon. People nowadays lead a busy life, and they seldom get an opportunity to connect with a person from opposite sex they can click.

We have made it easier for you by offering a high quality dating service. And it's not just any ordinary app where you go on swiping endlessly and still not find a match. What we offer you is unique and unheard of. It doesn't matter to us - who you are? and what's your background? We give you a guaranteed match.

Once you create your profile on Connectd India, our job begins. We take every minute detail of your personality such as your age, likes, educational qualifications, family background, your mindset, and your expectations from your future partner into account. We try to find the ideal match for you from the huge data that we maintain at our end.

You are Connected to your potential partner who usually shares a lot of common traits with you. Once you become comfortable with your partner, you can choose to start a phone call, and subsequently decide to meet them in person.

We believe that relationships that are based on mutual understanding and respect for each other always last longer than those which are only based on physical attraction and lust. Lust is temporary, and once it gets fulfilled, you lose interest and seek a new relationship. Whereas a relationship that is based on love and shared values has a long life.

Our endeavour lies in discovering that person with whom you feel truly special, the one who compliments you in every respect. This is the person you will proudly take home, and introduce to your mom. The moment you look at this person something begins to happen inside you.

We have designed our app to be more engaging and helpful than any other dating app like OKCupid, Bumble, and Tinder. You can add a lot of useful information to your bio that could be a virtual ice breaker: Your political orientation, your hobbies, or even your spiritual side.

It doesn’t matter whether you are looking for a hookup, or a casual relationship, or a long term relationship, We have got you covered. God may have made your match in heaven, but we will find that for you in real life.