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We are India's First-Ever All-In-One Social Platform.

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About Connectd

We believe in exploring new people, expressing our feelings, and empowering each other. And in the process of doing so, we came across various problems with current solutions. That is why we have designed a more human-centric approach. An app, that’s beautifully designed, highly secure, and user-friendly. We call it The new social lifestyle!

Why we are best
for you

Because we offer you what no other platform does. We offer you an All-in-one application where you can do whatever you were able to do with Instagram, WhatsApp, Tinder, TikTok & LinkedIn withouth the problems these platforms have have!

Complete Privacy

We respect your privacy and it’s our motto as well. And for that very specific reason all your private information will be kept secret and to further extend the trust we’ll also sign an agreement with government prohibiting us from sharing your private info completely. So with us just forget about your privacy issues!

Easy To Navigate

We provide you the easiest navigation ever existed with such a big and complex concept. With us you can chat, date, make friends, find suitable candidates, post pictures/videos/audios/text etc. with one app and it's as easy as you can think of to operate.


We know most of Indian tinder users face this problem of not finding a match. Tinder’s matching algorithm is completely a waste, we guarantee you 100% that you’ll find matches and not just based on you looks but based on your personality. Because that’s what lasts!

Best App
in the market

We offer you a dynamic application where you are free to do everything that you usually do on Instagram, Facebook, Tinder, TikTok & LinkedIn but without the glitches you usually experience on these channels.


Apart from offering routine services, Connectd India is an excellent platform for providing a guaranteed match, and round the clock counseling facilities through trained professional counselors, and psychiatrists.

Anonymous Counselling/

You can hide your identity by choosing a fictional name, and we provide tools to mask your real voice.

Creative Design/

App is innovatively designed using the right mix of colours to give a memorable user experience.

Professional Matches/

It’s an excellent app for developing professional contacts, and networks to help you grow in your job.

/Privacy Enchanced

You get the highest level of privacy through our inbuilt tools, and features such as end to end encryption.

/Chats Filterized

Your chats are filtered, and content meant for personal contacts aren’t visible to your other contacts.

/Followers Segregation

You can choose to segregate your followers as per your requirement- personal, public, or others.

As honorable citizens of India, It is our duty to make India Self-Reliant!
-Narender Modi (Esteemed Prime Minister of India)

App Screenshots

An UI that is not just beautifully designed but is also as simple to use as complicated your problems are!

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"How can you grow you Nation, if you can't support your Nation?"

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