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About Connected

Our motto is to discover new people, express our sentiments, and help them grow. And if we come across any roadblocks while doing so, we come out with the best solutions. This is the primary reason why we decided to develop an app that is truly human-centric, exquisitely designed, user-friendly, and extremely secure . In short, Connected is a new social lifestyle!


What you get here, you don't get on any other platform. We give you a dynamic app that has all the features of Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Tinder, WhatsApp, & LinkedIn but without the glitches you face on those platforms !


Your privacy is primordial. And to achieve that, your every personal detail will be classified and if that is not enough, we have also signed an MOU with the government strictly prohibiting us from sharing your information with the third party. Therefore, just forget about your privacy concerns!


You can't get a simpler navigation for an app that is so versatile. We allow you to make friends, professional contacts, chat, fix dates, book counselling sessions, post texts, images, audios, videos etc. with a single easy to operate app.


Connected app has been specifically designed for Indian users considering their unique requirements. Most leading dating apps like Tinder, OKCupid, and Bumble are of no use for Indian users because of their outdated algorithms. We are different - We give you a guaranteed match that is not only based on physical attributes, but every factor that makes your personality. We give you a match that lasts a lifetime.


Connected is a truly dynamic app because of its unique features. If you have been using apps such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Tinder, rest assured, you get to do everything that you do on such platforms plus many more functions that you don't get anywhere. Most importantly, you have a memorable time on this app without facing any problem that you usually have on other platforms.


Connected India, besides offering regular services, is the only platform that gives you a guaranteed match, and a 24x7x365 counseling service by professionally qualified counselors.

Anonymous Counselling/

You can hide your identity by choosing a fictional name, and we provide tools to mask your real voice.

Creative Design/

App is innovatively designed using the right mix of colours to give a memorable user experience.

Professional Matches/

It’s an excellent app for developing professional contacts, and networks to help you grow in your job.

/Privacy Enchanced

You get the highest level of privacy through our inbuilt tools, and features such as end to end encryption.

/Chats Filterized

Your chats are filtered, and content meant for personal contacts aren’t visible to your other contacts.

/Followers Segregation

You can choose to segregate your followers as per your requirement- personal, public, or others.

Let us take a vow to make India Self-Reliant!
-Narender Modi (Honourable Prime Minister of India)

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The UI has an intuitive design, easy to learn, and is also very simple to use !

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And If You Wish to Make India Socially Liberated, Download the App Connected India

Are We Better Connected Than Ever Before?

We often hear people discussing they don't feel as close to their friends as they did few years ago, especially when there was no social media. Is it true? Well! Answer is yes and no.

We have all come across many horror stories about social media - problems such as cyber-bulling and sexting scandals becoming so commonplace. This all gives a rather negative perception to the very idea of the social media platforms.

However, in spite of all these aberrations social media use has many positives that we consistently overlook. Have you ever put your mind to the fact that social media has made us more connected than ever before? There are many positive impacts of social media that outweigh the negatives by allowing us to engage with people we know, people we don’t and create positive changes by just pressing few keys on a mobile screen.

It's the power of social media that allows us to be engaged with people we already know. I can tell you through my own experience that the relationships I’ve built over years with other people have only been stronger because of social media by giving me the ability to keep up with their lives despite the fact that I wasn't able to see them in person. Many of your good friends may have been separated once you left the college, but thanks to social media, it's effortlessly helping you in keeping those relationships intact. Isn't that amazing?

According to Pew Research Center, more than 80% teens on social media acknowledge it makes them more connected to information related to what is happening in their friends’ lives and 70% say that social media platforms connect them better to their friends’ emotionally.

Social media apps like Connected India is ideal for people who are relatively more introvert and shy away from opening up with strangers. There was this survey done by Griffith University and the University of Queensland that found that young adults felt less isolated than those from previous generations because of their ability of being connected with others.

Social media channels like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Connected India help them access their friends at any given moment, making them feel less isolated even if they are physically apart.

Social media makes it possible for us to engage and connect with people we don’t know, but they have similar interests, and this brings a lot of change to how we think. We realize that but for social media; we would have never managed to be in the company of such amazing people who share the same vision that we have.

Social media activism has always been one of the most shining aspects of social engagement. It was incidents like shooting of Michael Brown that caused a furore among Americans who made the hashtag #BlackLivesMatter viral, which in turn paved way for other popular hashtags, such as #MeToo and #NeverAgain. Social media has created awareness on important issues and connected people in a way that traditional media could never even think of.

Above everything, it's social media that makes it possible for us to have strong and lasting relationships with people without the fear of putting ourselves in physical danger. We can reach out to people, and engage in meaningful conversation while remaining safe in the virtual world. Social media empowers us to engage and connect with friends in a way that wasn’t always possible.