Match Guaranteed

Although, Connectd India is essentially a social media app, however, one of its special features is to provide your dream match. In that respect, it doubles up as a dating site too. But how it's different from other dating sites such as Tinder, Bumble, OKCupid, or wow lies in the fact that it promises you the guaranteed match. This is epic because currently no dating site can give you that.

Of late, dating sites have become very popular not only among teenagers, but also young adults who find themselves ready for exciting relationships with the opposite sex. It's not as if they are looking only for casual relationships that may eventually culminate in a one night stand.

With technological advancements, we have become busier, but that has also made us lonelier than ever before. The traditional family setup is fast crumbling and the support that earlier came from family is now the thing of the past. Human beings are genetically programmed to spend time with like-minded people who share same interests, hobbies, and aspirations.

There are large number of such people who use dating services as a springboard for a more permanent and long-term relationship. This is where Connectd India plays a role. It uses possibly the best algorithm to create the matches. The algorithm not only considers the14q~ZAQQQQQ!! sxdxw physical compatibility of partners, but takes every minute detail of user's personality into account -  education, family background, professional qualification, current job, and also the mindset to bring the best possible match.

Anyone who has been using dating sites such as Tinder, OkCupid, or Bumble know it's not easy to get desired matches on these apps. Most of these sites suffer with glitches that discourage users from visiting these sites. Usually, either they never get a match, or even if they manage one, it’s not something they were actually looking for in the first place.

Why these popular dating sites fail to deliver? If you do some thinking, you will find that almost all dating apps these days, Tinder, Wow, Happn, and OKCupid to name a few, usually ask for the login details of your Facebook account to join their community for making a profile. However, while importing your Facebook profile details, many men as well as women commit the mistake of leaving their profiles blank or with little to no information listed.

Dating apps could be pretty straight forward to use, but still many users shoot themselves in the foot by ignoring a few key facts. It's time they should realise that optimizing just a few of these things will significantly increase their probability of finding matches. Make sure you have uploaded high quality pictures of yourself. Most dating apps allow you to upload a maximum of 5 photographs, and these 5 pictures are winners that will significantly increase your chances of getting the right match.

Here, you not only get a guaranteed match, but a high-quality match through our amazing algorithm that suits your unique requirements as an individual. We take every small detail of your persona into account before finding that perfect match for you.