Professional Match

Connectd India is not just a run of the mill social media channel. It's reach is much beyond making friends, connections, posting interesting texts, audio, and video clips. It was developed as one in all social media app that offers you basically three  type of connections.

  • Personal
  • Professional
  • Public

The best part of this app is that all these three distinct connections may not be aware of each other unless one chooses to allow that. Therefore, chats and content meant for your personal contact won't be visible to your professional contact, and vice versa. The idea is to segregate your contacts in diverse groups and to give you complete control.

These days employers usually look at the candidates' online behavior, and their social media footprints to decide their suitability for a particular job. They seek information that supports the job qualifications, how the candidate interacts with other users on social channels and what other users think about the candidate.

Use this Amazing channel to Boost Your Career

Connected India can help your career if used correctly. Social networking apps can be an integral part of your job search or career building - provided you use it judiciously. Because if you take it casually, something as simple as posting a candid photograph or a random comment on someone's post could cost you your job and unexpectedly damage your career. Social media is used by the job seekers looking for employment opportunities, as well as companies looking to hire.

How to Use Social Media in Your Job Search ?

It's important to build your network on the app well in advance before you actually need it. You should be visible and actively engage on the social media, whether it is a recruiter viewing your profile or a professional from your own industry who you reached out first.

If you are looking for the professional matches, you'll need to do more than just have an online presence. It's quintessential to ensure your professional profile is built out comprehensively with your most recent employment information, and take responsibility to keep it updated. Being proactive on social media can position you,  - when you need to find a job or when you're are looking for a change.

It's very important to ensure your social profiles remain work-appropriate if they aren't so yet. Besides, keeping your profile fresh and professional, you should maintain an active online presence. Talk to your connections on Connected India  or the other networking sites. Join Groups and communities, post and join the discussion.

Always be engaged and proactive in your communications. Social media engagement is an essential tool for networking with potential professional contacts, staying in touch with former, and current contacts, recruiting employees, developing your career, and keeping in touch with the world.

Remain Professional

Behave in a dignified, and respectful manner in all of your social media engagements. Keep your posts, comments, and interactions focused on productive conversations about your industry. That doesn’t mean you should lose your identity, and can’t disagree with someone. In fact, the emphasis should be on your effort to show your personal side and well-reasoned ideas, because that helps make look smarter and memorable. Never forget: You’re doing this for your career. Treat others with respect and care, and you’ll put yourself in a great spot to benefit professionally from social media.