Ultimate Privacy

Social media has come a long way since they first appeared on the scene around fifteen years ago. It blown away the entire world with its unique concept of connectivity. Users had a rollicking time, and they were just loving it. People never felt more powerful on any other platform. They could now express themselves they never imagined in their wildest dreams.

They could post virtually anything on the Facebook. It didn't matter if it was just a simple text post, their personal photographs clicked at some birthaday parties, wedding or at some exotic location. They went ahead and shared anecdotes, and their personal experiences. It was rejuvenating as people loved sharing minutest details of their day-to-day life with friends and like minded people. They soon moved on and started posting their personal videos on social media sites.

After the initial euphoria, the cracks began happening in the secured and safe world of social networking apps when users began realising that it's not their life that is shared on a public domain but also most of their sensitive data and personal information that they shared at the time of opening their users' account on these hugely popular social apps.

It so happened that they started getting marketing calls from banks, insurance companies, consumer products, automobile manufacturers, travel agencies, and job portals. There were cases where users became victim of online frauds, and fishing as their bank accounts and users' details were compromised. Privacy concern became the number one issue for users and providers of social media apps.

It created an atmosphere of doubt and suspicion resulting in massive exodus of people from these channels. What till now seemed to be the fun place to be suddenly became an unsafe place. Gradually, privacy related issues came on the forefront as leading channels like Facebook were found to be unauthrisedly sharing users' data with a third party.

Now, the privacy of users' data, and the frequent leakages of sensitive personal details on the internet increasingly gained primacy, and  became a hot topic of discussion in the  public debates. Cambridge Analytica scandal of 2018 was one such incident that shook the entire world.

As time progressed, social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Snapchat, and Tumblr became user's virtual digital billboards on the internet. These mediums were now part and parcel of people's lives who merrily shared their pictures, views, reviews and almost anything and everything that was happening in their lives.

Although, most social apps assured users to not get carried away by such disturbing news of data breach, and have faith in social app provider's capacity to ensure privacy of users' data by using tools of the highest quality. But trust was in short supply, and users worldwide were not ready to believe them.

Connectd India understands users' dilemma, and expectedly traveled  an extra mile to maintain users' privacy and keep their data safe. As a matter of fact, to assure users on the issues of privacy and security of data, it signed an agreement with the Government of India that prohibited them from sharing data with a third party.

However, users too need to be vigilant as with whom they are associating online, and what type of information they are sharing on social media apps. At the same time, they should be fully updated on the latest information related to protect their online privacy. Privacy is the biggest concern, and that can be addressed only through the collaborative efforts of social media providers and users who make these social channels widely popular.