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There are no dearth of social platforms. What users most require is secured social media apps, and Connectd India is that app providing utmost security.

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The Need for Secure Social Media Apps

Social media platforms have now become very popular mediums of engagement and expression for people. India has been a democratic country for last 74 years, and right of expression is included in our fundamental rights.

We are living in an age where every aspect of our life gets influenced by social media platforms. It was almost fifteen years ago when social channels such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat made a slow entry in our lives. For most of us, it was a newly discovered form of entertainment, and we had no idea how will it pan out in the years to come.

We thought it to be the latest fad that would eventually go. However, soon we realised that this is different from anything that we witnessed till this date. Instead of making an exit, it started wielding more and more power to our daily lives. Initially, social media channels like Facebook was used mainly for connecting to our school friends and relatives who settled in foreign countries and with whom we had no contact with. In the beginning, it was a kind of surreal experience for all of us to get connected to our long lost friends, colleagues, and cousins.
Indian Social Media
It was unbelievable to think that people who we didn't see for years are now approachable in the virtual world with a simple click of a mouse. It was simply incredible to get a digital window through which we can see their lives. These features immensely increased the popularity of social media channels among masses, and gradually it started affecting our lives in a big way. Over the years, it became an essential element of our life. Be it personal or the professional networking, sharing posts and pictures, audio and video clips, reading reviews of the latest gadget or smartphones, attending online classes and meetings, and for online shopping, our go to place became social media platforms. Over the period of time, these virtual platforms increasingly played a more important role. New users also got attracted to these mega popular channels that further increased their user’s base in India.

Just imagine, now Facebook with 340 millions has the largest number of users in India. Similarly, WhatsApp has over 390 millions users in India. One can imagine the centrality of a country like India when it comes to the leading social media channels. However, the popularity also brings its own sets of problems. All these channels despite their huge popularity and wide users base have failed to provide secure social media platforms. We often hear of incidents like Cambridge Analytics where data of more than millions of Facebook users were compromised, and were literally available for a song on the online portals.

This is where the need for secure social media apps arose. So, just a social media platform with attractive features was not enough to hook users. They wanted a secure app where they can share or post anything without having apprehension of data leaks. Although, in the last five years, many homegrown platforms were launched and posed themselves as one of the most secure social media apps, they got exposed soon.

This is where Connectd India, a relatively new social channel took the lead and provided the most secure platform for users. This particular app fills two very important gaps from user’s point of view. Firstly, it is a native app that was developed considering the unique requirements of Indian user. And secondly, it offers utmost security to users who can concentrate on the extraordinary features of this platform instead of bothering about their data safety issues.